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Don Paul Shearer, a State Certified General Appraiser in Pennsylvania (GA-422-L), has been appraising all types of properties since 1970 and has been in the real estate business since 1965 upon graduation as a pre-law student from Dickinson College.


He is a well-known, well-respected, and effective expert witness and in providing litigation support having completed litigation appraisals in 36 counties in Pennsylvania and has provided expert witness testimony and litigation support in 20 counties and in Federal Courts.


Further, he has completed thousands of appraisals for hundreds of attorneys, business firms, lenders, builders, land developers, corporations, counties and municipalities, federal and state agencies, private clients, and  municipal authorities. He regularly is featured as a speaker at real estate conferences and seminars in addition REALTOR and governmental agency seminars.


He has authored the well-known and recognized Impact on Real Estate from Three Mile Nuclear Accident (1979) and an analysis of 600,000 acres of the Seldovia Native Association affected by the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (1989) in Cook’s Inlet, Alaska.


He has also developed appraisals for litigation including


De Facto Condemnation & Taking of lands by the Lehigh Valley International Airport.


Phelan v. Adelphia Cable Company (Federal Court).


Over 50 partial takings of natural gas lines in Pennsylvania.


Appraisals for owners of land taken by the Pa. Department of Transportation (PennDot).


Appraisals for owners of land taken by municipalities and municipal authorities.


Appraisals for owners of environmentally damaged properties as Damaged Goods Theory.


He founded and operated the Education Division of Don Paul Shearer Inc., a private real estate school Licensed by the Pa. Real Estate Commission and approved by the Pa. Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers, From 1970 thru 2017 having taught thousands of real estate appraisers, brokers, and salespersons.


He has authored numerous published articles, books for real estate courses, preparation for the state real estate exam along with developing and publishing audio and video tapes. He is also a Certified USPAP Instructor.