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Don Paul Shearer has been involved in real estate in Central Pennsylvania since 1965 after his graduation from Dickinson College. He is a broker and state certified general appraiser in Pennsylvania (GA-422-L) and a General Associate Member of the Appraisal Institute. His 30 years experience as a real estate advisor and appraiser has made him a highly respected and often-referred real estate advisor, appraiser, consultant, educator and expert witness.


In 1976, he founded his own state-approved private real estate school, The Education Division of Don Paul Shearer Inc., and has taught over 10,000 students in all types of real estate subjects. The school offers courses in 8 satellite locations throughout Central Pennsylvania, and is considered by many as the leader in Continuing Education for real estate in Central Pennsylvania.

He has written numerous articles and books on various real estate subjects and his Impact Study of the Effects on Real Estate from the Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident in 1979 has been published and distributed worldwide, and Don has appeared on local and national television discussing TMI. He also was called upon to provide an analysis of damages to 600,000 acres of the Seldovia Native Association in Cook's Inlet in Alaska that resulted from the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989.


He has appraised all types of properties in 34 counties of Pennsylvania and has testified as an expert witness for real estate litigation in 16 counties, as well as federal courts. He specializes in litigation appraisals and providing expert witness testimony, with particularly emphasis on commercial and industrial properties, land subdivisions, vacant land, and investment properties of all kinds.


He has also testified in many cases involving environmental damage assessment of real estate parcels throughout Central Pennsylvania.


His clients include hundreds of law firms, banks and other lenders, governmental agencies, county and municipal governments, along with private clients, investors, and corporate clients.


He has become known as Central Pennsylvania's premier real estate instructor blending extensive experience and knowledge with energy and humor, and a true concern for his students and the learning process. He also speaks before private and public groups relative to all types of real estate subjects.


He has appraised all types of properties including condominiums, apartments buildings and complexes, small and large office buildings, shopping centers, golf courses, motels and hotels, mobile home parks, churches, governmental buildings, and many other special-purpose properties, mini-warehouses, industrial properties including warehouses, gas stations, convenience stores, auto dealerships, farms, bars and restaurants, fraternal and Masonic buildings, bowling alleys, flex buildings, medical office buildings, mountain and timberland, campgrounds, log homes, geodesic, and earth-sheltered homes.

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