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 Don Paul Shearer, a real estate appraiser and advisor, is a state certified general appraiser in Pennsylvania (GL-422-L) and a General Associate Member of the Appraisal Institute. He has been active in the Central Pennsylvania real estate community since 1965.

 He has appraised all types of properties for banks and other lenders, private individuals, corporate clients as well as hundreds of law firms and businesses. To see a list of the various property types that he has appraised look here.

We specialize in litigation appraisals and expert witness testimony including:

 Eminent Domain

 Tax Assessment Appeals

 Divorce Proceedings


 Environmentally Damaged Sites

 Gifts and Planning


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Types of properties that we have appraised over the last 30 years

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Don Paul Shearer Inc.

Residential Properties in 32 PA counties

Small & Large Apartment Buildings

Small & Large Office Buildings

Flex Buildings

Strip Shopping Centers


Golf Courses

Motels & Hotels


Mobile Home Parks

Environmentally Damaged Properties

Log Homes, Geodesic, & Earth Sheltered Homes

Post Offices

Various Government Buildings (Schools, Fire halls)

Residential Subdivision (2 to 250 lots)

Churches & Limited Use Properties

Mini-Warehouse Facilities

Industrial Properties

Gasoline Service Stations

Convenience Stores

Vacant Land & Building Lots

Farms (10 to 600 acres)

Mountain land & Woodland (up to 1800 acres)

Special Purpose Properties

Bars & Restaurants

Fast Food Restaurants

Retail Stores, Small Commercial Properties

Bowling Alleys

Fraternal & Masonic Buildings

Flex Buildings

Medical Buildings

Various Businesses



Land Development

Auto Dealerships