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2017 Continuing Education Course Descriptions



(7-hour 2015-2017 Continuing Education Courses for State Certified Appraisers, Broker-Appraisers, & CPE’s)

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Course 1                Required (National) USPAP Course (7 hours)


This is the Required 7-hour National USPAP update course as required by the Appraisal Foundation for and in which each Certified Appraiser, Broker-Appraiser, or CPE must use the 7-hour Update course book along with the 2016-2017 Edition of USPAP in class.


Included in the course are explanation of the new revisions to USPAP and USPAP Advisory Opinions and areas of USPAP that are most commonly misunderstood or questioned along with “real world” scenarios that are situations appraisers encounter in daily practice.


Course 2                Avoiding Standards & Disciplinary Actions & Pitfalls, Standards Compliance, & Required 2-hour State Appraiser Board Updates (7 hours)


This course is a hodge-podge of sample assignments, disciplinary cases, and reports to help avoid violations of USPAP and State Appraiser Board Standards, pitfalls, and disciplinary action including compliance with appraisal ethics and standards, scope of work, problem identification, property description, workfile development and retention, competency rule, jurisdictional exception rule, disclosure obligations, record keeping, and issues of conduct, credibility, competency, disclosure, ethics, management, intended use and intended users, and acceptance of assignments.


A discussion relative to Marcellus Shale, environmental conditions, bulk land and building analysis, private road takings, eminent domain, and tax assessment, and other issues that can present problems for an appraiser if not carefully identified, understood, and used in a proper market-supported analysis.


Course 3                Market and Highest and Best Use Analysis (7 hours)


This course covers the fundamental concepts of market analysis including demand and supply analysis, market trending, and the differences in property types and classifications, the four tests of highest and best use, tests of probable use, interim uses, legally nonconforming uses, and special-purpose uses.


Emphasis is given to common errors and issues relative to highest and best use and in the reporting and stating of the highest and best use for properties along with consideration of existing use of a property and prospects of demolition in highest and best use analysis.


Course 4                Sales Comparison Approach (7 hours)


This course covers the basics of the sales comparison approach including quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis, elements of comparison and unit values for comparison, extraction of market data, paired data analysis and its pitfalls, adjustment grids, ranking analysis, and relative comparison analysis.


Discussion as to sources of market data for the sales comparison approach including STEB reports in Pennsylvania, MLS records, deed and tax assessment records, and personal interviews.